Useful Information for Traveling in Romania

We’re a professional team with many years’ experience in off-road racing, both on two and four wheels. You can be sure we’ll look after you for your entire stay. Your tour leaders are:

Phil Jones

Phil is an Irish Timecard Enduro Championship winner in both the Northern and Southern Centres. He is also Southwestern Enduro Championship winner on Northern and Southern short courses and hare and hound winner multiple times. He gained 3rd place in the British SXS Championship short course 2017 and 2nd place in British SXS Enduro Championship 2017. Phil has raced different disciplines across Europe for many years in a variety of Championships and terrain.

Nicola Jones

Nicola gained 5th at the British SXS Championship Enduro 2017 and has competed to a high standard in both Karts and Stoxkarts in 2017. She is a highly competent off-road motorcyclist, having gained massive experience over the past few years finding and marking trails in Romania on her own KTM Freeride ready for our tours.

Travel information for Romania

  • Romania has a rich history and both cultural and natural diversity. It has dramatic mountains and sandy beaches and the famous Transylvania at its heart. Romania is defined by its agricultural communities throughout the backcountry, and we’ll immerse you in a wealth of tradition and culture.
  • Most visits to Romania pass without trouble, but if you do need assistance from the authorities, call 112.
  • The Foreign & Commonwealth Office says that you should maintain the same level of personal security as you would in the UK as in the larger towns and cities (and at the airport) you may be targeted by pickpockets and purse snatchers.
  • Only change money in authorised shops and kiosks, and the Romanian authorities treat all crimes by foreign nationals very, very seriously.
  • Tolerance to the LGBT community is less than in the UK but there are a few relaxed bars and clubs in the cities and Bucharest does hold a gay pride parade each year.
  • You shouldn’t photograph anything sensitive at the airport although a few selfies should be ok. If you’re unsure, ask an official before you take any pictures.
  • Make sure your passport is valid for the duration of your stay and you don’t need a visa to enter the country unless you intend to stay longer than 3 months.
  • You should get a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) before travelling and visit your doctor a few weeks before travelling to check on what vaccinations you may need.
  • Earthquakes are not uncommon in Romania though they are not normally very large.
  • Although we offer an all-inclusive tour, you may want some cash for bars and restaurants. Credit cards are becoming more popular, but cash is always king.

And if you have any other questions about Romania, just ask us before you travel!

  • Bucharest’s vast Palace of the Parliament, begun during the final years of Nicolae Ceausescu’s rule was finished in 1997 and is the second largest building in the world (and the heaviest). It is 240 metres long, 270 metres wide, 86 metres high (12 storeys), and cost a staggering €3 billion (£2.5bn) to build.
  • Whilst searching for the world’s best driving road, Jeremy Clarkson found it in Romania. It’s the Transfagarasan Highway and has tunnels, viaducts and bridges which means you need to navigate the hairpins with great care.
  • Romania places 16th when it comes to wine consumption and 10th for beer!
  • You may see a number of European Bison when you’re off-roading with us. Re-introduced to the wild, this 1,400lb monster shares the beautiful landscape with a growing population of brown bears.
  • Recent films shot in Romania include Borat, Cold Mountain and (for some reason) Anaconda III starring David Hasselhoff. The village extras in Borat sued the producers because they didn’t realise the content of the film when it was being made.
  • Romania has a fantastic 4G network. It’s so good it’s an impressive fourth place out of 78 nations, according to OpenSignal. Users in the country can expect speed of 35.61 Mbps, on average, compared to 21.16Mbps in the UK. 
  • Romania was responsible for the world’s longest sausage at a staggering 39 miles long.
  • The Chestnut Festival in Baia Mare created the largest bowl of goulash at 7,200 litres.
  • The country has four Nobel prize laureates: George Emil Palade for medicine, Elie Wiesel for peace, Herta Müller for literature and Stefan Hell for chemistry.
  • The native Romanian language is 1,700 years old
  • Early fossils of modern man were discovered in 2002 in south-western Romania, in a place appropriately called the Cave of Bones. Their age is estimated to be 37,800 to 42,000 years old.
  • The Danube River flows 1,788 miles from its source in Germany’s Black Forest to the Black Sea. Before reaching the sea it forms the best preserved of Europe’s deltas with 2,200 square miles of rivers, canals, marshes, tree-fringed lakes and reed islands.
  • The Danube to Black Sea canal in southeast Romania is world’s third longest man-made navigation route, after the Suez and the Panama Canals.
  • Three 5,000 year old clay tablets discovered in a Romanian village possibly contain the earliest known for of writing in the world.
  • The name “Romania” comes from the Latin word “Romanus” which means “citizen of the Roman Empire.”
  • It has some seriously beautiful churches, and the Merry Cemetery in Săpânța replaces somber memorials with colourful tombstones instead.
  • Bigar Cascade Falls in Caras-Severin has been voted as the number one most beautiful waterfall in the world.
  • Romania was a source of inspiration for two famous novels: “The Castle in the Carpathians” by Jules Verne, and “Dracula” by Bram Stoker.
  • The fountain pen was invented by Romanian Petrache Poenaru in 1799-1875, and was patented in May 1827.

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